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Here are some of our photos -- ENJOY!

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TravelIncludes some of our vacation and sightseeing photographs
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These photos are from the 1979-1980 time frame. Some 20 or 30 years later National Geographic featured some of the same scenes from ancient Ephesus. Someday, I'll separate this collection into two stories: One: My mountain top experience at the ruins of the Christian church at Ephesus; and two: The ruins of the ancient seaport city of Ephesus.

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1979-1980 in the modern city of Izmir.

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2012_01 SPI Bird Sanctuary


The Birding Center on South Padre Island. We often spend several happy hours on these walkways. This particular album introduces an alligator which had found his way into the sanctuary. I took some pains to include high-rise condos, and etc. in a couple of his pictures.

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SPI Kite Festival


South Padre Island, Texas: In recent years the Island has hosted a well attended "Kite Festival" in February. These kites are nothing like the wooden stick and newspaper kites we built as children.

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FUMC Senior Adult Miinistry trip to New Mexico. September, 2012

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Parks Trip October 2012


St. Charles Parks outing through the lock and dam on the good ship Tom Sawyer.

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FamilyIncludes some of our relatives and friends. Lots of children and babies. Restricted Access. Ask Charles for a loginid and password.
AncestorsOlder photos. This "ancestor" category is the repository for the old albums and boxes of photos that Maxine and Charles carried around through their various life changes. In here you will find former spouses as well as relatives/ friends whom we perhaps do not remember, and some whom maybe we wish we could forget. You will also see some of our baby pictures and maybe see a little bit of what things were like "back then." Restricted Access. Ask Charles for a loginid and password.
FavoritesContains photographs that I consider technically good or better and that have particular merit for some reason. Look here for photos that I am very happy about. In some cases, I post photos here in addition to in the other albums that are arranged more by date and occasion.
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Some of my favorites. Technically good. Happy Subjects.

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Some of the better portraits and snapshots of Charles.

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Some of the better portraits and snapshots of Maxine.

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Some of the better portraits and snapshots of Geneva

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CIMG0273.JPGMore display kites47 viewsNote the "leaning tower" in the background. This was a high rise under construction that was damaged by Hurricane Ike. It eventually was taken "down" sometime in about 2010 or 1011.
CIMG0287.JPGFormation Flying 2 of 347 views
CIMG0262.JPGA very large kite55 viewsThis monster is a "signature" item at the festival. It is able to fly in both light and moderately heavy winds. It has always been up by the time we arrive and it seems to stay up the entire time. I once took a look at the lines that held it. They were attached to the bumper of a large pickup. Less massive display kites were anchored to stakes in the ground.
CIMG5365.JPG51 views
CIMG2218.JPGIndividual Flyer 4 of 4 49 viewsThis sequence illustrates flying one of these things is an "activity"
CIMG0286.JPGFormation Flying 1 of 348 views
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