About These Recipes

´╗┐Maxine, the love of my life, has earned a reputation as a good cook. Her reputation is well deserved. I was keenly aware of her skills early on during our courtship.

Based on first hand observation, I assert that she reads food articles in magazines and newspapers intently. She keeps scissors handy, cuts frequently, and saves abundantly. Her collection of recipes is well organized in her head and she can always find what she wants. I would say her data retrieval system appears to be last-in first-out with elements of random access.

The recipes in this collection have been through a unique filter: Family and friends have occasionally asked Maxine for the recipe for a food item that they enjoyed at a potluck, in our home, or at some similar occasion or event. I once observed her laboriously transcribing a recipe from one of her clippings onto a small card. I told her I have a scanner on my computer. You do not have to copy the recipe by hand.

So here they are: The unlikely remnant of Maxine's recipes from everywhere. Each has passed a rigorous series of tests: Maxine thought it was good enough for a church or family / friends gathering. She prepared and donated a dish to that gathering. Someone liked the dish enough to request a copy of the recipe. Maxine honored the request by digging out the recipe card or clipping and handing it to me. I scanned it and by lucky inspiration began putting all recipes into a particular computer folder. The data survived more than 25 years of computer upgrades, hard drive replacements, household moves, and so on.

The recipe files are JPG images -- same as photographs. They may be viewed from the web page, downloaded, printed -- whatever your e-devices allow.

I humbly present this collection of images in the same manner that Maxine prepared the dishes themselves: as a work of love. Mangia!