Conway's Game of Life

May the open source concept for advancing software engineering live long and prosper. This 3D version of Professor James Conway's Game of Life uses features of Java Script and threejs which are software tools free to everyone. If you decide to take a look at this, one key feature is the ability to use left, middle, and right mouse buttons (or one- two- and three-finger swipes) to change the view of the model. This is a basic and not always elegant demonstration of some capabilities of threejs. For stunning threejs examples, click here.

James Conway's Game of Life is a mathematical and computer science curiosity. The 3D implementation will be dull if you are not at least somewhat familiar with the 2D version. No attempt is made here to provide an introduction to Dr. Conway's invention. An extant community of information technology and mathematics aficionados provides discussions at Wikipedi and at Cornell Math Explorer's Club.